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SA - Managing Applications for Beginners

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Study Abroad Workshop - Managing Applications for Beginners

The Study Abroad Workshops for Beginners are designed for staff at new client institutions or for new staff who have not previously worked with Terra Dotta software. 

The afternoon workshop can be taken either as a continuance of the morning workshop (Building Programs and Applications) or as a stand-alone workshop for those beginners who wish to learn more about utilizing TDS for application management.

The afternoon workshop will advance participants' learning of essential skills in TDS application management along with basic query and report building. The workshop will also provide tips and tricks to help users optimize their use of TDS and develop a strong foundation of TDS knowledge. 

This workshop, while for beginners, will assume attendees are already familiar with a few main Terra Dotta building blocks: locations, terms, program parametersapplicant parameters, programsprocess elements (question items, questionnaires, materials, learning content, assessments) and application statuses/phases.  Attendees should understand the basic functionality of these items and how to build/edit them.  Attendees who are not yet familiar with these topics can click the links above to read Knowledgebase articles and view videos.  Terra Dotta will also host a pre-workshop webinar for registered attendees to explain and demonstrate these topics.  Webinar information will be sent to registered workshop attendees closer to the conference event.  No other prior knowledge is required.

This workshop will be a mixture of lecture, demonstration, and hands-on practice.  During the lecture/demo sections, material will be covered in an intensive-format learning environment, so attendees should bring energy and enthusiasm for a fast-paced and fun workshop.  During the hands-on sections, Terra Dotta staff will be actively involved with participants to answer questions and assist in a group setting as participants practice with a particular software feature or skill.  

During the workshop, participants will receive a comprehensive list of relevant Knowledgebase articles to take away for future use and will be given suggestions for conference sessions that will enhance what they are learning about a particular topic.
Participants should bring their laptop and be ready to actively work on their own site – either their production site or their sandbox site. This is a hands-on workshop!

In this workshop, you will:
  • Gain a better understanding of how to build, edit and configure various elements of the most critical pieces of TDS
  • Become more accustomed to common Terra Dotta vocabulary
  • Network with other users who are also new to the software
  • Practice what you are learning in active working sessions, coached by Terra Dotta staff
  • Gain knowledge that will provide context for the rest of the conference

This workshop will focus on:
  • Application management
  • Query and report building
  • Tips and tricks to help optimize your use of TDS

Date, Time, Cost:

Date:  Monday, April 20th
Time:   1:00 - 5:00pm

Cost:  $125


You can register for a Pre-Conference Workshop by itself or in addition to the main TDU Global Conference.  With either choice, you will need to complete a TDU Global registration form and indicate your preferred Pre-Conference Workshop.  If you are already registered for the main TDU Global Conference, complete the following items to add a workshop:
  • If you’d like to pay by credit card, log into and make the payment by selecting the "Pay by Credit Card: Pre-Conference Workshop Only" payment option under "Credit Card Payments".  Then please email to let us know which workshop you wish to attend.   
  • If you need to pay by check, please email us at, let us know which workshop you wish to attend, and an invoice will be sent.

Contact with any questions.

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