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Innovation Award

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Innovation Award

Terra Dotta users never cease to amaze us with their creativity. They take the ability to customize and “tinker” with their software instances to new levels, incorporating the individual needs of their campus. We at Terra Dotta decided it was time to recognize the ingenuity of our clients, so at TDU Global 2020 we will present our 2nd annual TDU Global Innovation Award.      

Has your office – or do you know of an office that has – done something innovative in Terra Dotta software? Was there a business need that was solved by being creative? We want to hear about it! Submit your office’s entry for a TDU Global Innovation Award – yes, self-nominations are acceptable – via email to If you have been very inventive, you may submit more than one nomination.

Each entry should: 1) explain the business need that was solved, 2) describe the solution, and 3) describe how the solution was implemented. Feel free to attach screenshots and/or videos of the innovation in action to support your entry; the innovation must be currently in use. All entries will be reviewed by a panel drawn from Terra Dotta leadership.

To be considered, entries must be received by 11:59pm EST on Friday, January 31, 2020. Remember, email to submit.

One important consideration – a member of the winning office must be present at TDU Global to win. Early Bird Registration closes Friday, January 31!

2019 Innovation Award Winner! 
Client Name: Sarah Reid
Institution: Western Michigan University
TDUG 2019 Innovation Award Winner