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Study Abroad Objectives

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Please Note: There are currently no Study Abroad Boot Camps scheduled.

Study Abroad Learning Objectives

Site Building:

  • Build a Study Abroad site including creation of locations, terms, and various recommendations.
  • Manage account information, partner institutions, and staff permissions.
  • Use all site builder tools for maximum impact.

Profiles and Applicants:

  • Distinguish between a profile and an applicant, and how to leverage parameters.
  • Understand the difference between internal and external users, as well as integrated and non-integrated users.
  • Gain knowledge of the Student Information System (SIS)/HR Feed and its function.

Program Building:

  • Understand all program types, and how to create and update programs
  • Create and maintain program itineraries
  • Work with program parameters

Application Building:

  • Flexibly use all process elements including learning content, materials, and questionnaires associated with building an application.
  • Access the Terra Dotta Community Library for application development
  • Create and manage an application cycle

Application Processing

  • Understand application statuses and phases, including creation of decision letters and reminders
  • Understand the functionality of Principle/Dependent Applications
  • Leverage queries and query watches for automated notifications
  • Generate reports necessary to office processes
  • Apply application tags and understand their benefit
  • Create tasks and workflows
  • Effectively use batch processing tools