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TDU Global

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TDU Global Conference

April 15 - 17, 2019
Atlanta, GA
Emory Conference Center Hotel

Check out our session lineup!

At TDU Global, we celebrate the success of Terra Dotta software in managing hundreds of thousands of students/scholars (outbound, inbound, as well as those located on campus), institutional affiliates of all types traveling the globe, and university internationalization initiatives. 

The annual TDU Global Conference is a jam-packed, 2-day event designed to build your skills and generate ideas for your Terra Dotta software (TDS) site. Here is a glimpse of what you can expect:
  • Keynote Speaker at the Opening Plenary on Tuesday, April 16
  • Knowledge Tracks for Study Abroad/Agreements, ISSS, and Travel Registry
  • TDS Guru Sign-Ups for one-on-one Q&A with a TD professional to answer your burning questions
  • Pre-Conference Workshops for New to Advanced Users
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Sneak Peek at the Development Roadmap

Excited for more?  We are too!  The TDU Global Conference innovations don’t stop there. Our general sessions have a core focus on idea exchange with real world examples and information about what is coming in 2019.  Pre-conference workshops are the best option for hands-on training opportunities.  There will be multiple office type and skill level categories for you to find a workshop that fits your needs.
Brendan Haggerty, CTO

Example Session Topics

  • Eureka! Program Discovery
  • Program Templates and Tools for Transitioning to the Program Wizard
  • Security, Privacy and Ensuring Compliance 
  • Institutional Reporting Made Easy with Agreements
  • From Proposal to Agreement - Managing Partnerships in TDS
  • Mitigating Risk using AlertTraveler and Terra Dotta's Travel Registry
  • Compliance Strategies for Institutional Risk Management
  • ISSS Regulatory and Immigration Best Practices in TDS
  • Improve International Student and Scholar Support with Pre-Arrival Orientation / SEVIS Check In
  • Introducing the Scholar Profile
Attendees in Session

Note:  The Terra Dotta team is actively working on finalizing the schedule for TDU Global sessions.  The topics listed above are tentative and subject to change.  Announcements will be made as the schedule is finalized.

Registration Costs
Registration Type Deadline Rate
General Registration 04/14/2019 $590
Pre-Conference Workshop 04/14/2019 $125