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Advanced Layout Workshop

Advanced Workshop - Layout/Graphics

The Advanced Layout Workshop is designed for individuals and offices who have an intermediate or advanced understanding of Terra Dotta software and would like to know how to make customizations to their site through Responsive Design, Tabbed Brochure Templates, the Advanced Layout Editor, and the Public Interface API.  A basic understanding of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript is desired.

Participants will have the opportunity to follow along and test example code on their own site, so bring your laptop and be prepared to work!
The following will be covered in this workshop:

Designing Responsive Content:
The responsive framework Terra Dotta chose is one of the most popular in use on the web, and you can leverage the look and feel of Bootstrap in your site's content using its classes and markup.  There will be demonstrations of how to implement buttons, tables, panels, and responsive columns quickly and easily.  Learn how to make your pages more eye-catching and mobile-friendly.

Tabbed Brochure Templates:
Long program brochure pages with lots of content to scroll through can be a hassle for your site's visitors.
TDU 2017 Session
Learn how to implement a brochure template on your site that uses CSS and javascript to turn that long page into short, simple sections with navigation tabs at the top of it. This demonstration will cover creating the templates and tabbed-navigation styles as well as implementing the custom scripts to improve the usability of your site's content.

Advanced Layout Editor:
After the release of TDS 16, Terra Dotta introduced this new tool that can be used to customize your site's responsive layout using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Learn how to design, build, and deploy a responsive layout to your site and get all the benefits of a mobile-ready site with your institution's identity and styles.

Public Interface API:
The Terra Dotta software public interface API is a great way to put your development skills to work building all kinds of exciting new ways to present your site's content to its visitors. This presentation will have demonstrations of how to use javascript to interact with your database and create custom program search pages and featured program widget panels on your site. Code examples will be provided to get you started.

Date, Time, Cost:

Date:  Monday, April 16th
Time:  1:00 - 5:00pm

Cost:  $125


You can register for a Pre-Conference Workshop by itself or in addition to your full TDU Global registration.  With either choice, you will need to complete a TDU Global registration form and indicate your preferred Pre-Conference Workshop.  If you are already registered for the full TDU Global event, complete the following items to add a workshop:
  • Edit your registration form to mark what pre-conference workshop you will attend.
  • Use the Pay by Credit Card: Pre-Conference Workshop Only under the "Credit Card Payments" section to pay for the workshop.

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