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Call for Proposals - Closed

TDU Global conference alumni report that peer-driven presentations are one of the most valuable aspects of the conference.  Client presenters help others align their processes with best practices, discover creative and unconventional uses of the software, avoid common pitfalls, and make the fullest use of office resources.  Do you have a lightbulb idea to share?  Propose a session!

Proposal Deadline: October 30, 2017

Alexander Zapata

Proposal Process

During the proposal submission process, you will be asked to identify which of the following target audiences your content is directed toward.  A session review committee will review the proposals based on target audience areas to ensure a balanced agenda.  Target audiences include:
  • Study abroad
  • International student and scholar services
  • Travel risk management

Both your title and abstract will be published in the online, mobile-ready schedule. When considering a title, keep in mind that it should be able to stand alone and clearly convey what your presentation will cover.  The same goes for your abstract.  Make sure that your abstract reflects your learning objectives to attract the appropriate audience for your topic.

Proposal Topic Ideas

Client-led sessions cover a wide range of topics while presenting a story of a personal experience or creative process improvement achieved through the software.  Hot topics for proposal ideas include:

Client Presenter 3
  • Advanced Layout Editor
  • Workflows & Tasks
  • Faculty-Led Proposals & Approvals
  • Reporting
  • Client Tips & Tricks

Popular Topics from Previous Years

  • Scripting & Styling Your Site Like a Pro: Beginners Can Code Too
  • Queries and Query Watches: Creative Client Uses
  • A Good Man is Hard to Find: Case Studies in Using TDS to Track Campus Travel
  • Preparing for Doomsday: What Happens when TD admins leave?
  • From Program Proposals to Training: Maximizing TDS to Facilitate New Program Development, Faculty Engagement, and Faculty Pre-Departure Preparation
  • Using TDS to Provide Pre-Departure Orientation
  • Effective Collaboration, or Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen? Balancing Access, Training, and Delegation
  • Workflows Work for Me

Submission Policies

Registration and Conference Attendance

All client presenters are required to register for the Terra Dotta Global Annual User Conference.  The costs associated with attending the conference, including transportation and registration, is the responsibility of the individual presenters.  There will be a $100 registration discount (or refund) provided to client presenters to offset these costs.

Noncommercial Policy

Sessions at TDU Global are designed to be learning opportunities based on both a shared mission and unique background experiences.  These sessions are noncommercial.  Under no circumstances should a conference session be used for direct promotion of a speaker's product, service, or other self-interest.

Session Information

Session Schedule

Client Presenter 1As you prepare your proposal, keep in mind that most time slots will be 50 minutes in length.  There will be a few opportunities for 75 minute sessions, which will be assigned by the session committee based on the delivery style (panel, individual, colloquium, etc.) of the proposed session.


Sessions may be led by a single client presenter, or by up to three co-presenters.  An individual person may present or co-present in one session per conference day.  If colleagues propose similar session topics, you may be asked to collaborate on one session.

Are you interested in presenting with a collaborative partner?  This shared document can be a resource for you to find colleagues at other institutions who may have a similar interest in your proposed topic.  If you would like to contact someone listed here, please do so.  Terra Dotta will not be monitoring this list.  If no one has yet included your topic, please add yourself if you would be open to collaboration.


We are always looking for innovative presentations.  Don’t be afraid to submit an out-of-the-box idea!  As a support to you, the session committee may offer suggestions, collaborate with you, or provide additional information relevant to any requested revisions.

Review & Selection Process

One of the primary functions of the TDU Session Committee is calling for, selecting, and supporting the development of content for the conference.  The Session Committee, along with peer reviews and data from past conferences, works to select sessions for inclusion.

Each proposal will be rated on a scale of 1-4 for the following:
  • The title, abstract, and learning objectives are in alignment, and are clearly relevant to success with utilizing Terra Dotta Software
  • The format and delivery methods selected will allow participants to achieve the stated learning objectives, including audience engagement appropriate to the objectives.
  • Each presenter is highly knowledgeable in the topic area and use of TDS.
  • The topic has viability in different presentation formats, depending on overall conference need.
Key Dates
Proposal Dates Due Dates
Call for Proposals Closes 10/30/2017
Notification of Selection Early December

*Other relevant dates will be provided upon acceptance of your proposal.


Proposal Deadline: October 30, 2017