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Testimonials from TDU 2017

Why should you attend?  See what our past attendees have said about their experiences.

"I am very pleased that I attended TDU 2017! I think learned more in 2 days than I had in a year at my job. I found the Terra Dotta staff to be extremely kind and resourceful! Highly recommended!"

-- Tara Johnson, Pennsylvania State University

"This is the best investment of time for understanding TD software and learning better and new ways to make processes more robust and efficient. It is nuts-and-bolts paired with technical beauty! The enthusiasm of the TD staff and investment in what they are doing is clear. Meeting the people who are actually building the software, creating its capabilities, and who respond to my questions in daily use is a pleasure."

-- Ramona Murtha, Williamette University

"TDU was a great experience! I learned a lot about the software and came back to the office with a long list of new ideas and tools to implement them. Hearing from other professional users in the field was extremely helpful for rethinking stale processes in our office. The atmosphere, community, and activities were a great complement to the helpful sessions. It was a very well run conference - one of the best I've attended."

-- Ellen Daly, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

"I'd highly recommend this conference, especially if you need some inspiration on how to make TDS cleaner and more automated! It was great to meet Terra Dotta representatives face-to-face to go over our complex questions, and helpful to hear tips from other users on best practices for data management. I particularly enjoyed the sessions that covered features we're not currently using, or features that we could be using differently to streamline our processes. The Advanced Workshop was very interesting and really helped me to learn more about the coding behind the site."

-- Jenney Stevens, University of Richmond

"This was a great opportunity to meet people in the same field. I felt lots of energy , enthusiasm, and motivation in the conference. It was great to learn new features, review existing features and my workflow. I learnt a lot of tips which can improve my daily work."

-- Satoko Ura Dhillon, University of Oregon

"I LOVE this conference! This was my third TDU. Even now, as a more advanced user, I'm always learning new things, or being reminded of things we haven't thought about in a while. Hearing about the new features and updates is always exciting as well. I always come away from TDU excited to bring back what I've learned and use it on our campus."

-- Erika Lees, Northwest Missouri State University