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Boot Camp

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Basic Training for Beginners

  • Do you have employees who need to quickly get up to speed with Terra Dotta Software?
  • Do you have new staff who need a solid, holistic understanding of TDS?
  • Are you in an office that is implementing TDS for the first time?
If you said yes to any of the questions above, this program is ideal for you.

Terra Dotta Boot Camp is a 2-day, hands-on, immersive workshop designed to rapidly build your skills as a Terra Dotta administrator.

As a participant, you will receive access to your own Terra Dotta practice site for 30 days.  You will start with a blank copy of the software and wind up with a complete site similar to those used in real-world applications.

Experienced instructors will guide you through exercises that teach core features for building your site and completing daily tasks and processes.

You will leave with a certificate of completion and skills to empower you as a TDS administrator!

Study Abroad

Study Abroad Workshop Objectives: 

The following is an overview of the learning objectives. View a full list of learning objectives.

  • Build a Study Abroad site including creation of locations, terms, and various recommendations
  • Create and manage profiles and applicants in TDS
  • Understand all program types, and how to create and update programs
  • Develop applications and learn to manage application cycles
  • Gain skill in managing application processes
  • Generate robust, data-rich reports about applicants and programs
  • Configure TDS to improve your program marketing and communication
  • Use the software’s capabilities to respond to world crisis situations
  • Discuss how to handle real-life scenarios with TDS experts


ISSS Workshop Objectives:

The following is an overview of the learning objectives.

  • Navigate and use the SEVIS module
  • Learn how to navigate the administrative interface
  • Create a basic graphic layout using the stock layout editor
  • Create content with Terra Dotta’s Content Management System
  • Create programs
  • Create and learn how to deploy application materials
  • Understand the big picture of how to control the user-experience
  • Learn how to use the tools for administering advisee records
  • Learn how to create and share robust, data-rich reports about applicants and programs
  • Understand how to convert the workflow needs of an office to processes in TDS
  • Discuss how to handle real-life scenarios